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Stefan Newnham | Bio

SN Photography comprises a one-man army, with Stefan Newnham as the man behind the lens. From taking photographs of the world around him, Stefan always thoroughly enjoyed the art of photography ever since he was a child. Today, he utilizes leading-edge camera equipment, including digital cameras and drones in Bournemouth, to capture awe-inspiring images from incredible angles. As a self-taught photographer, Stefan has carved out a style all of his own.

The core of this style is simply realism. Stefan has always enjoyed taking photographs because it allows him to step out of his comfort zone and meet new people, but it also gives him an opportunity to melt into the background and capture special moments in Bournemouth as they’re happening. Stefan prefers that his clients don’t pose; he enjoys the realness of their emotions, smiles, laughter, and connections at the moment.

From capturing the smiles of young children to making still imagery from the natural world around him, Stefan is adept at photographing everything from people in motion to landscape scenery and beyond. He currently resides in Bournemouth and is accepting clients for a variety of special projects, including family portraits, babies and birthdays, commercial photography, and other commissioned photography services in Bournemouth.

"Capturing the moments of today

that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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